Lend a Helping Hand – April Donation Drive

This April, we’re asking for you to Lend a Helping Hand. Your contributions will support critical causes so our staff and programs can continue serving the community. Your donation will create positive moments for thousands of people each year by safeguarding a place where vulnerable community members can come to receive direct supportive services.

Lend a Helping Hand is part of a biannual effort to raise unrestricted funds for agency expenses. These operational obligations, like property and liability insurances, annual program and agency financial audits and other common business expenses, are often ineligible for support from grants and government contracts. Many funders prefer to directly assist programs and restrict how our agency can use their financial support.

When your donation is unrestricted, you create an agile mindset that opens up the possibilities for our programs to innovate how they offer quality services to clients. You empower staff to optimize their processes so help can reach more people who need it. All of this results in programs that are better equipped to tackle the community’s changing needs.

Your donation to Lend a Helping Hand is a tremendous part of why we’re able to assist friends and neighbors who seek out help during times of crisis. When you give today, you’re giving someone hope tomorrow. Please make a donation by clicking the button below. Mahalo!

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